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2018 Meetings/Speakers/Programs

Speaker & Greeter Program
Monthly Chair Schedule

Tuesday at 12 Noon for lunch at
Perkins Restaurant
3585 Pine Ridge Road, Naples
Phone: 239-596-0700

February 5 | The Hunley: the world’s first successful combat submarine ‐ Dr. Jim Gover – During the Civil War, the Rebels’ submarine sank the American ship, the USS Housatonic, near Charleston, S.C.
February 12 | Club Assembly
February 19 | Sex and the Civil War: the story the soldiers wouldn’t tell – Dr. Jim Gover – This talk deals with the unseemly side of the Civil War ‐‐ the steamy side.
February 26 | World War II ‐ Unusual Incidents and statistics that occurred and some historic events that helped in winning the war.
March 5 | PDG Don Thomas – Gift of Life
March 12 | Club Assembly
March 19 | Mike Moore – Water Grant Project
March 26 | John Hatch – Organ and Tissue Donation
April 16 | Club Assembly
May 14 | Club Assembly
June 14 | Induction Dinner at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

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Speaker and Greeter Program Schedule | 2018-19

Month Member
August Robyn DeZego
September Tim Miller
October Joel Miller
November Tom Parkhurst/Bob Wickboldt
December Full
January Wayne Dahlstrom
February Dr. Jim/Bill Jones
March Ruth Ruskin
June Darryl Young

*Speaker Chair must alert Club Bulletin Editor two-weeks prior to the month’s events and must receive acknowledgement of receipt from Robyn.

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